Precision crop treatment
We develop the power of the soil
We provide premium service for you and your plants!
Improve your soil structure and increase your average yield without risk.
The importance of the procedure
Soil is the most vital source of nutrients for plants and trees; therefore, you must not ignore what soil needs. As the source of our plants and trees will be soil. In poorly structured soils, roots and soil organisms do not have adequate access to oxygen, water, and nutrients.
This technology can be applied by farmers to improve the soil structure with air and various substances that are sprayed between the soil particles to remedy the root zone problem, without soil disturbance while relieving roots.
Consequently, it increases yield, improves the health status of the plants and the soil structure, increases the water absorption capacity of the soil, and develops soil quality by introduced agents.
It has direct effect
Improve the structure of your soil, while eliminating soil compaction up to 80 cm!
It provides protection
You can increase crop safety against extreme weather!
Superior quality
Your investments will return 5 times without risk!
It multiplies
A drastic increase of 50 % in average yield and your agricultural land will gain more profit!
Substances applied directly to the root are easily absorbed and 100% utilized!
Available throughout Hungary
Our service can be requested in any part of Hungary!
About operation
Essential information
Deep root fertilization – soil improvement
It is a common need in several permanent crops to eliminate soil compaction as quickly as possible, stop erosion, and deliver nutrients to plant uptake levels. There is little long-term forward thinking and almost everyone wants to welcome results immediately.
A compacted, often acidic, lime-deficient soil is difficult to become an ideal nutrient provider. Any crop enhancer or soil improver to be applied should be processed, dissolved, and placed in the absorption zone. There are losses, the process is slow, and the result is often non-existent in a given year.
Is there a better solution?
Is it only air that can be introduce?
Is it enough every 2-3 years?
How much drilling is it and how much time?
Does it crush the root of the plant?
What else can be introduced?
What time of year can it be carried out?
How much does it cost?
Should additional nutrients be applied?
This patented technology is only available through us!
About us
People behind the company
Due to agricultural engineers, mechanical engineers and investors, this innovative service works and makes farming better for gardeners. Our mission is to promote environmentally friendly and efficient farming in the world. We offer a cutting-edge technology to the world for better yields and huger green spaces.
With our growing team, we are constantly working to increase the productivity and crop safety of plantations for farmers, extend the lifespan of trees, and provide them with adequate oxygen, water, and nutrients. From a climate protection point of view, we can facilitate faster biomass increase and create larger green areas. In addition to continuous assignments, we always try to strive for professional development, to support our efficiency with research. To meet the growing demands, there is a continuous expansion of the asset portfolio.
“Everyone can have two attitudes in their lives: either build or plant. (…) Those who plant sometimes struggle with storms and seasons, and rarely rest. However, the garden, unlike the building, never stops growing. And by demanding constant attention, it makes the life of a gardener a great adventure.”
- Paulo Coelho
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Precision crop treatment
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